Calgary’s Central Library’s Design is World Class

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We’re days away from the conference at Calgary’s Central Library and the schedule looks amazing. If you haven’t bought your tickets head over to the events page and get on that!

Few people haven’t been inside the world class building, but just in case let’s go for a quick guided tour.

Designed by the architecture firm Snøhetta, in collaboration with DIALOG, Calgary can now boast being among the some of the world’s great architectural designs. Sønhetta features work such as re-thinking the great Alexandria Library in Egypt and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Homegrown talent from DIALOG has brought us the familiar structures of Banff’s gondola upper terminal and our very own Decidedly Jazz Dancework’s awesome new digs. Together they created something so breathtaking it has to be explored. And you can take out a book too.

Once you get over the awe – both in approaching the building and your first glimpse inside – deciding where to go seems to be guided by the shape of the building itself. Assuming you aren’t in a hurry to get your books and run, the interior begs for exploration. Shaped as a pointed ellipse you migrate from end to end discovering spaces you didn’t quite expect but at no point do you feel apart from the main design of the building. As you meander higher the building creates almost an oscillating effect allowing you to exit and enter your navigation freely.

With unique spaces tiered throughout the open 4 story book-ship you can find visually interesting spots to sit and read your new found treasure. Although admittedly that’s pretty hard considering the view. When you find yourself in not-so-secret rooms such as the Mom’s Staircase, the children’s book area with that super cool play structure, the gaming area or the TD Great Reading Room on the top floor, you begin to think of ways to justify making it your home library.

Join us for the first event in the Patricia A. Whelan Performance Hall named after the late mother of Uber engineer Conrad Whelan in return for his $5 million donation to the Calgary Public Library Foundation. Other events will be held in the BMO Community Room along with other meeting rooms. Check out the Calgary Public Library’s “One Hundred Reasons to Love the New Central Library” to get a glimpse.

Parking downtown isn’t as scary as you might think but the train stops just around the corner at City Hall or diagonal from the NW corner of the library in front of Bow Valley College.

What about lunch? There are great places around the outside of the building to eat your lunch were you brown bagging it. But if you felt like making it a mom’s day out try Luke’s right in the building on the west side, Good Earth Cafe at the entrance to the Plus15 on the second level of city hall or stretch your legs and hop on over to Village Ice Cream on 10th in the East Village. Because it’s your day off and you can have ice cream for lunch if you want to.

Inspired’s very own Alisha Brignall gives you a glimpse of the space that will start what should prove to be an amazing day of ideas, opportunities and of course, inspiration!

See you soon.