Healthy Homeschoolers

Need a break? Feeling overwhelmed? It might seem like a strange topic heading into a new school year but as the fall programs ramp up, so does our stress level. Not everyone paces their homeschooling with the traditional school year, … Read More

Having Doubts?

Every homeschooling parent I have come across has doubted their choice at some point in their journey. This could be something simple like one math curriculum over another, their choice of board, or something as big as homeschooling over public school. … Read More

Homeschool Gym Class

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in conversation around the concept of physical literacy. In May of 2014 The International Physical Literacy Association stated, “Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take … Read More

Homeschooling Magazines

Some people are magazine buyers and some are not. However it is likely you have read one now and then. Whether you are the type that grabs the latest cooking magazine at the grocery counter or subscribes to National Geographic religiously, … Read More

The Path to Unschooling

Pat Farenga is coming to speak. Just in case you missed that. If you want a deal on tickets to hear him speak AND a great meal you might want to get on that. Just sayin’. Before we get into … Read More

What Inspired You to Homeschool?

There are many answers to the question “what inspired you to homeschool”. Actually the question is often posed differently as well. Anything from “that’s very brave of you; why would you choose that?” to “do you have a teaching degree?” … Read More

I’m new here.

Welcome to Inspired’s new blog! We are happy to be Calgary’s premiere secular homeschool conference. Are you new to homeschooling too? This is a great place to start your homeschooling journey and get the resources and advice you need to start your … Read More