Homeschooling Magazines

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Some people are magazine buyers and some are not. However it is likely you have read one now and then. Whether you are the type that grabs the latest cooking magazine at the grocery counter or subscribes to National Geographic religiously, they can be a valuable resource for anything you’re into. Regardless of the topic there is likely a magazine or two out there that covers it.

Homeschooling magazines are no exception, but like any subject of interest there will be magazines that speak to all ideas and some that focus on a specific perspective. Magazines with a decidedly secular approach are a little harder to ferret out, especially when it comes to publication of personal essays and reviews of resources.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Canada’s Homeschool Directory and Magazine

You will certainly find all manner of homeschooling and resources in this magazine but it bends to the secular side and it is consistently published with great ideas, articles and resources. More specifically it has local resources for multiple approaches to homeschooling.

Life Learning – Canadian Home-Based Learning Resources

Established 2002, Life Learning Magazine is definitely secular but also one of the best resources for providing a voice to all your ideas, concerns and questions. Here you will find articles more related to the whys of homeschooling. Whether you are looking for inspiration or specific resources, the content is clearly laid out and easy to scan.

Growing Without School

John Holt’s magazine was the first of its kind and has been compiled for reading at the link above. The magazine closed its doors in 2001 but is still worth the effort to read through. A timeless classic.

home|school|life Magazine

This U.S. magazine is an excellent resource and notes on their website, “We’re the magazine for secular homeschoolers.”. The writing is outstanding and very robust. Topics are broad and thoughtful, and definitely worth considering despite the American focus of their content. Notably they are one of the few secular magazines not founded in the unschooling philosophy. As a result their resources (both reviewed and self-generated for purchase) are more curriculum focused and center around Reggio or project-based learning.

Taproot Magazine

This is not a homeschooling magazine to be clear, however it is edited by a homeschooler and has endless ideas, books reviews, crafts, projects, food, wonderful art, poetry, writing and photography. It is ad free and a rare gem in the world of magazine publishing; the kind you pour over and read cover to cover. This is the homeschooling magazine you read with your children.

If you have a secular publication that’s your go-to magazine please leave a comment.